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A Super Bowl-ready Hoodie That You'll Never Have To Retire

Von Hahn: When is the hoodie?s ?best-before date??

This cotton hoodie with stripes actually sewn onto the sleeves has the tomboy spirit but is cut with a woman's shape in mind. And although it does work nicely with the Seattle Seahawks' silver-and-blue team colors (sorry, Broncos fans maybe Madewell can whip up a jual jaket jepang blue-and-orange version soon!), it's really quite impartial, as sporty apparel goes. May the best team win, but there's no question you'll be the one scoring a style touchdown.

Spock Dog Hoodie: You Have Been, and Always Will Be Man?s Best Friend

ThinkGeek has the perfect jacket for any dog. Its the Star Trek Spock Dog Hoodie. The body of the hoodie appears made from sweatshirt material and it has the same blue design Spock wore. The hood of the hat has pointy ears and black hair just like Spock.

Made in America: The ?World?s Best Hoodie?

And nothing makes a softening body appear even softer than an unconstructed silhouette. The answer lies in tailoring: Well-constructed clothes make a body any body look good. Tailored clothes might be more old-school, but the reason no self-respecting continental gentleman of style would ever be caught dead in something as soggy and undefined as a toddlers pyjama is that they know it wont help them cut a bella figura.

27 (Bloomberg) -- Bayard Winthrop, CEO of American Giant, discusses manufacturing in the U.S. and what differentiates his companys apparel from competitors. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's Market Makers. (Source: Bloomberg)

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